Bronny James Shines at NBA Combine, Silencing Doubts About Draft Readiness

At the NBA selection Combine in Chicago, former USC basketball standout Bronny James showed beautifully, despite critics questioning his selection status.

His performance at WinTrust Arena shooting drills stood out among many others.

The son of NBA great LeBron James finished Monday’s 3-point star shooting exercise in second place with a performance of 19 for 25.


A full-court dribbling and finishing exercise and shooting drills including movement were all areas in which he excelled.

The son of a legendary basketball player is having his draft hopes cast question by some experts.



He should “go back to school to develop at his own pace or he risks getting lost in the shuffle, whether or not he’s playing with his dad,” an anonymous NBA general manager said in a story published in The Ringer, adding that “Bronny is nowhere near ready” to turn pro.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Bronny would probably skip returning to college and instead go through the draft process if he was medically approved to play in the league.

When it comes to possible portal stops, very little groundwork has been done for him. Wojnarowski clarified that he left the door open to that possibility when he departed USC.

However, Bronny James has been on several NBA clubs’ radars. Back a year, at the Nike Hoops Summit in Portland, he performed well in front of an audience that included NBA executives. They saw him train and participated in a game, and they were impressed. Within his draft class, he appeared to be a genuine possibility.


The five months he lost following the cardiac issue definitely affected his season, though. However, this is his opportunity to demonstrate his effect to the teams.

“The opportunity for him to play in the NBA is there,” Wojnarowski said, adding that James will probably start his career in the G-League.

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