How do Ronaldo and Djokovic eat and practice to be at the top of the world?

World sports stars like Ronaldo and Djokovic have a scientific and extremely strict diet and exercise regimen to maintain their form even though they are nearly 40 years old.

Ronaldo với thể hình được cả thế giới ngưỡng mộ nhờ chế độ tập luyện, sinh hoạt khoa học, khắc nghiệt - Ảnh: Getty
Ronaldo’s physique is admired around the world thanks to his scientific and rigorous training and lifestyle regimen – Photo: Getty

On May 9, Vietnamese football fans were “shocked” by the news that 5 players of Ha Tinh Club (playing in the 2023-2024 V-League) were detained by Ha Tinh Provincial Police for drug use. . This is not the first time a Vietnamese player has been caught using drugs.

Having an unhealthy lifestyle and lacking a sense of professionalism at work makes many Vietnamese football players unable to maintain peak performance for a long time. Athletes in the world (including football) can play football at their peak at the age of 30-35, but most Vietnamese players stagnate, even retire at the age of under 30.

Let’s see how world sports stars train and eat to maintain peak performance.

Ronaldo is “crazy” about training

Ronaldo is a player whose body is admired by the whole world. Even though he is 39 years old, this star still plays football in top form, constantly scoring important goals for Al Nassr Club in the Saudi Pro League. Ronaldo is the most complete player in history, with extraordinary skills, strength, agility and excellent aerial ability.

However, Ronaldo was not born with those characteristics. The wavy physique we see in Ronaldo today is an incredible transformation from the skinny teenager in his early days at Manchester United in 2003. So what is it that makes Ronaldo so “transformed”? ?

Novak Djokovic plays soccer shirtless, imitating Ronaldo to celebrate ‘cool’

First is the serious, harsh training process. Ronaldo always pays great attention to training, whether at home or on the football field. Even in bed, the Portuguese superstar complies with the set training rules.

Specifically when at the gym, Ronaldo’s main exercises are divided into cardiovascular exercises – such as running, rowing and weights. Ronaldo advises people when exercising to ensure all areas of the body are targeted, with exercises that improve both strength and endurance.

On the field, Ronaldo focuses on high-intensity exercises that mirror match situations. In addition, the Portuguese superstar will take advantage of wherever possible to exercise. He said: “Exercise wherever you can. You can do abs exercises in your bedroom when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed. If you try regularly, it will be easy.” easier because it will become a habit.

Say no to alcohol and stimulants

Ronaldo luôn tập luyện rất chăm chỉ - Ảnh: Reuters
Ronaldo always trains very hard – Photo: Reuters

But exercise alone is not enough, it needs to be combined with a suitable diet. Ronaldo said: “A good workout must be combined with a good diet. I eat a high-protein diet, with lots of whole carbs, fruits and vegetables, and avoid sugary foods “.

Cristiano has been working with a nutritionist for more than a decade, eating six small meals a day. Ronaldo’s diet is mainly fish, he especially likes swordfish and sea bass. Ronaldo also eats lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

Finally, Ronaldo emphasized the importance of rest, including short naps. “Sleeping properly is really important to get the most out of training. I go to bed early and wake up early, especially before matches. “Sleep helps muscles recover, which is really important “, Ronaldo told Men’s Health magazine.

Another surprising thing is that Ronaldo never touches alcohol! Ronaldo refused to drink alcohol. He also never used drugs, because these were harmful to his football performance.

With his son, Ronaldo also directed him to the same diet and exercise regimen. Previously, the Portuguese superstar spoke frankly about his dissatisfaction with his eldest son Cristiano Jr., when he drank carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola and ate crisps.

Tập yoga là một trong những môn giúp Djokovic duy trì phong độ - Ảnh: Getty

Practicing yoga is one of the subjects that helps Djokovic maintain his form – Photo: Getty

Not only Ronaldo, most of the world’s famous sports stars pay attention to exercise and diet. Like world No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic, in addition to practicing persistently every day, he always tries to eat properly and almost abstains from alcohol and beer.

Vegetables, beans, white meat, fish, fruit, nuts, chickpeas, lentils and healthy oils are the main dishes in Djokovic’s meals. Djokovic also enjoys yoga and meditation, which are other important factors in the way this tennis great maintains his form.

As for Messi, he does not drink alcohol or carbonated drinks, instead the Argentine superstar drinks Mate tea. Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser has revolutionized Messi’s diet since working with him in 2014. He identified five main foods for Messi: water, olive oil, whole grains nuts, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables

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