Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce steakhouse to have ‘Andy Reid cheeseburger’ on menu with Chiefs duo set to pay tribute to longtime coach at new downtown hotspot

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce‘s new Kansas City steakhouse will have an ‘Andy Reid cheeseburger’ on the menu when it opens next year, the Chiefs quarterback has revealed.

Earlier this month Kelce and Mahomes, who helped Reid’s Chiefs claim a second straight Super Bowl in February, announced they are combining once again to launch ‘1587 Prime’ – a modern American steakhouse coming soon in Kansas City.


The restaurant, named after their respective jersey numbers, will be two stories high and 10,000-square feet when it opens inside the Loews Hotel in downtown in 2025.

Speaking at the 101 Awards over the weekend, Mahomes opened up on his business venture with Kelce, expanding on their plans for 1587 Prime to become a hotspot for the Chiefs after games at Arrowhead.

And he also shed light on a very special addition to their food menu.



Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce ‘s new Kansas City steakhouse will have an ‘ Andy Reid cheeseburger’ on the menu


Mahomes and Kelce are set to open ‘1587 Prime’ – a modern American steakhouse – in downtown Kansas City next year


And the quarterback says a cheeseburger on the menu will be dedicated to Coach Reid

‘We’ll definitely have the Andy Reid cheeseburger on there,’ Mahomes said. ‘That’ll for sure be on there.’

Reid has guided Mahomes and Kelce to three Super Bowl victories in five seasons, with the latest making Kansas City the first team to retain the Vince Lombardi Trophy since the New England Patriots in 2005.

The 66-year-old, who was also at the 101 Awards on Saturday, shut down any talk of the Chiefs becoming a similar ‘dynasty’ to the Patriots, vowing to not ‘get caught up in too much of the fluff’.

Mahomes and Kelce are said to have been ‘instrumental’ in their new steakhouse’s concept along with business partners Noble 33 – a hospitality group with a vast lineup of restaurants.

Entrepreneur Tosh Berman, who works closely with Noble 33, says the Kansas City stars have shared a number of cool and original ideas, including ‘hyper-subtle’ nods to their respective NFL achievements.

It is also set to boast a spectacular meat display as the focal point, along with one of the largest wine collections in the state.

‘Me and Travis been working on it for a while,’ Mahomes added. ‘We’re always together, we’re always in these restaurants, and we have a love for bringing people together.

‘I think the biggest thing for us is we’re gonna do whatever we can to keep bringing people together – and what better place than Kansas City?

‘We’re gonna have a steakhouse, I want to mention the menu but I can’t give away too many things. A lot of great stuff. A few of my favorites, ketchup will be there.

‘Hopefully we can win some games at Arrowhead Stadium and then we get to go over and have a few drinks and food with it.’

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