Puma and Neymar Jr Collaborate to Unveil Next-Gen Football Boots: Future Supercharge

The German sportswear company Puma is reintroducing the Future football shoes in a special occasion, continuing its renowned and coveted partnership with Brazilian football player Neymar Jr. The dynamic duo is holding a special Future World event in Paris to celebrate the debut of the football boot.

Neymar Jr., a beloved football player, will serve as the event’s presenter and search for a rival to become the sport’s next big star. The top athletes will also represent Puma Football as ambassadors starting in 2023

The Puma Future Supercharge boot edition went on pre-sale on January 12, 2023, on the official e-commerce site, at select retailers, and in Puma physical shops. On January 19, 2023, it became available worldwide.

More information on the recently released Puma x Neymar Jr. Future Supercharge football boots and a unique Future World event in Paris.

The Future football boot is one of Puma’s most recognizable styles, distinguished by its future technology and ingenuity. The boot is notable for pushing the boundaries of design and what a player can do on the ground. The most recent Future silhouette incorporates a new and innovative redesign for even more agility.

The innovative top of the new Future football boot is made of the dual mesh FUZIONFIT 360 material. The German brand’s PWRTAPE technology, which boosts support and offers a highly adjustable fit, is also incorporated into the top.

Football boots can be purchased with no laces. In a formal press release, Florian Nemetz, Senior Product Line Manager of Teamsport Footwear, talks about the most recent Future model and how PWRTAPE technology is used.

“The introduction of the PWRTAPE technology is an exciting innovation. The placement of the PWRTAPE is based on strain data collected from measuring strain forces on the upper of the boot during a variety of key football movements that include accelerating, running, cutting, and kicking.”

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