The mystery of the 4,300-year-old “labyrinth” double tomb of an Egyptian priestess

The mummies of the Egyptian priestess and her husband are still hidden deep in a network of tunnels with burial chambers that the archaeological team has not been able to access.

Egyptian archaeologists have just discovered a lavish ancient tomb dating back 4,300 years in Dahshur, a site with many royal pyramids and a large cemetery about 33 km south of Cairo. Male.

Only the outermost part of the tomb has been excavated, but the walls are decorated with beautiful, colorful paintings that reveal the monumental scale of the burial site.

Bí ẩn mộ đôi

The mystery of the double grave

A mural in the tomb of an Egyptian priestess and her husband – Photo: EGYPTIAN MINISTRY OF TOURISM AND ANTIQUES

According to Live Science, the tomb was built of mud bricks in a style called mastaba, with a rectangular structure with a flat roof and sloping sides.

The murals inside the tomb depict many scenes from ancient Egypt, such as donkeys trampling rice to thresh it, boats on the Nile and goods being sold at the market.

Bí ẩn mộ đôi

The mystery of the double grave

The tomb appears to be a majestic structure even though only a very small corner has been exposed – Photo: Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said archaeologists also found sharp hieroglyphs, clearly stating that the owner of this luxurious ancient tomb was a man named Seneb-Neb-Af. and his wife Idet.

In it, Mrs. Idet is the priestess of Hathor – a sky goddess associated with sensuality, motherhood and music.

And Mr. Seneb-Neb-Af holds a number of positions in the royal palace related to the management of tenants.

According to archaeologist Stephan Seidlmayer from the German Archaeological Institute, who led the research on this Egyptian tomb, the site has been dated through the style of construction, the content of the inscriptions as well as some ceramics. burial they found.

With that data, this couple were powerful figures of the 6th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt.

It was at this time that pyramids were being built in Egypt, however smaller than the most famous pyramids such as Giza.

Although images showing a large pit with many walls full of reliefs were revealed, archaeologists said they had not yet actually excavated the main part of the tomb.

Surveys show that the tomb must still have a tunnel system leading to burial chambers, where they hope to find mummies as well as many other valuable documents and burial objects.

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