Two theories about the ancient Japanese sword of a giant

The Norimitsu Odachi sword is nearly 4 meters long, making many people believe that it was once used as a weapon by giants.

Khách tham quan tìm hiểu về thanh kiếm khổng lồ Norimitsu Odachi. Ảnh:

Visitors learn about the giant sword Norimitsu Odachi. Photo: Ancient Origins

Norimitsu Odachi is a mysterious Japanese sword, forged in the 15th century with an unusually large size, 3.77 meters long, weighing 14.5 kg. The sword is so large that there are many theories that this is a giant’s weapon, according to Ancient Origins.

Japan is a country famous for its swordsmithing techniques. In addition to the katana sword associated with the familiar image of the samurai, Japanese blacksmiths also produce many other types of swords, including the odachi sword.

Odachi means large sword, sometimes called nodachi, or “battle sword”, which is a curved sword with a blade usually 90-100 cm long, but some have blades up to 2 meters long. The large size of the sword makes many people argue about its true purpose.

In the first hypothesis, many people believe that the odachi sword was used on the Japanese battlefield in the 14th century, before falling out of favor in 1615 due to its lack of practicality.

Those who use odachi swords are usually infantry and cavalry to create the greatest damaging power. However, many researchers point out that this sword is too long, so infantry who want to use it will have to wear it on their backs, a position that makes it impossible to quickly draw the sword. Its great weight makes it very difficult for cavalry to maneuver on the battlefield. The people who used this sword must have been people of giant size.

Bí ẩn "thanh kiếm của người khổng lồ" dài 2,3 m trong mộ cổ Nhật Bản

This has led many people to pose a second hypothesis, that the sword was forged for non-combat purposes, used to encourage morale, or for victory celebrations.

The creator of Norimitsu Odachi must have been a very skilled blacksmith, showing off his unique technique by creating the largest sword ever seen. The person who orders this sword to be forged is also likely to be very rich because the massive sword will cost a considerable amount of money.

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